Mark Richards is passionate about the arts. As Chairman and CEO at Appvion, Inc. in Appleton, WI, Mark was instrumental in supporting the development of the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center and the creation of the Trout Museum.
Mark credits his daughter who introduced him to fine art and encouraged him to
view it more broadly and deeply. Mark remains a patron, volunteer and collector. He participates in seminars and lectures, and reads art-based journals to continue his education in the arts.
Mark is a supporter of community art and believes it brings beauty and creativity to an urban landscape. As such, Mark volunteers his time with Broward County as a panelist for the Broward Cultural Council Grant Review Committee.
Mark is also very passionate about adolescent behavioral health especially access to it in rural areas.
As the Chairman and CEO of Appvion, Inc. in Appleton, WI, Mark was a big supporter for the creation of Catalpa and other adolescent behavioral health initiatives being implemented through the United Way.