Patterson On Patterson Family Art Tradition

Lily Pad Gallery West in Milwaukee is a relaxed, established gallery showcasing realism, naturalism, impressionism & abstract works of art. Recently I visited them to participate in a family celebration and view some incredible works of art.

Born in Philadelphia, Howard Ashman Patterson (1891-1970) became a well-known colorist and an important force in American Art after years of traveling and studying under notable names such as Robert Henri. Howard also spent time in Europe with Miró and Picasso, and in Santa Fe with the Los Cinco Pintores, specifically Will Shuster.

Today, Howard’s grandsons, Michael Remington Patterson, and David Burns Patterson keep Howard’s legacy alive, channeling this lineage into their own artistic practices. Michael cites his grandfather as his biggest inspiration, and the aesthetic influence of Howard’s work on Michael’s is palpable.

“Patterson on Patterson” exhibits the work of Michael Remington Patterson and David Burns Patterson alongside that of their grandfather, Howard Ashman Patterson, for the very first time. It is an incredible performance. Michael and David are incredibly introspective regarding their artistic journeys. Both are informal, easily approached and relate easily. Though their grandfather equally influenced their artistic style, it is clear when viewing their work today they present distinct differences in style and subject matter. I encourage my readers to visit either location of Lily Pad Gallery (Milwaukee or Watch Hill, RI) to view Michael’s work. David’s art is available online at

I had a wonderful time returning to Wisconsin since leaving in 2018. In a former life dating back to 2015, I had been the Chairman and CEO of Appvion in Appleton where I served the community faithfully for over ten years running a successful business and volunteering my time and money to support the arts and basic human needs.

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