Meade Street Advisors, LLC

At Meade Street Advisors, LLC we partner with you, bringing 30+ years of global business expertise to help you build successful organizations, manage change, and get the very best out of your people.

Our clients include family businesses, ESOPS, closely-held businesses, private equity firms, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and their leaders. What they all share in common is a desire to excel at what they do and the knowledge that sometimes it is better not to go it alone. We focus on three specific areas when working with clients: board governance, executive coaching and strategic planning.

Meade Street Advisors, LLC brings a wealth of experience to all aspects of corporate governance. We collaborate with family offices, family councils, C-Suite executive teams, and advisory and fiduciary boards to develop action plans that drive board governance excellence.  We advise on best board governance practices, board composition, skill set gap analysis, policies and procedures, as well as compliance and communications. 

The further you advance in your career, the harder it is to get honest and objective feedback about your performance. It can also become more challenging to find someone with whom you can confide. Your executive coach will offer you a safe, unbiased, and confidential sounding board.

You’ll have a thoughtful, strategic partner with whom you can share your challenges, then discuss possible solutions that are a good fit for you and your organization. We tailor our executive coaching programs to each client’s individual needs based on an initial consultation. Further analysis can include the use of diagnostic tools, which develop focused goals specific for each situation.

At the end of each executive coaching session, you and your coach will agree upon action steps. Ultimately, however, you are the owner of the process, and how you benefit from coaching will reflect what you put into it and your commitment to implementation and change.

Success is a strategic plan that results in action leading to measurable outcomes. Our strategic planning process is not overly complicated. It will not result in a three-ring binder that sits on the shelf. Successful strategic planning-strategic planning that clearly sets out measurable goals, and aligns the organization-can be accomplished efficiently in a timely manner.

We know your organization is unique. Instead of presenting a “cookie cutter” approach to strategic planning, we spend time getting to know your organization, assessing your needs, and then crafting a process to achieve expected outcomes that fit your budget. Together we will develop a strategic planning process that meets your timeline, is reasonable in scope, and delivers measurable strategies.

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