Former Appvion CEO Helps Create NSU Virtual Art Museum

Mark Richards Helps Create The Educational Art Program “Virtual Museum on The Move”

Mark Richards has been incredibly busy since his retirement from Appvion Inc. by immersing himself in art philanthropy. He recently helped create an educational art appreciation program known as “Virtual Museum on The Move”, a partnership with the NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Mark believes that instilling art and beauty into urban landscapes is essential to enhancing pride in communities throughout South Florida. This program engages students with an appreciation for the arts through virtual tours.

Students are further engaged with the use of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). This educational approach encourages children to increase their critical thinking skills by recognizing the intersection of these five fields. Art can now be infused into the algorithms that develop positive changes in society.

Since his departure from Appvion, a paper technology company in Appleton, Wisconsin, Mark has made it a personal goal to show tomorrow’s leaders that art is an integral part of a well-established community. By appreciating community aesthetics you can engage your neighbors and find commonalities that will create positive change.

Mark Richards Knows the Future is in the Hands of Our Youth.

As an executive leadership coach himself, Mark recognizes that Independent and analytical thinking are core skill sets that tomorrow’s leaders need to embrace. The NSU Virtual Art Museum helps children develop critical communication skills so they can express ideas and emotions in a way that anyone can understand.

This is a program that fosters in-depth discussions to encourage the development of teamwork through open discourse. Commonality is created through a shared experience of art appreciation.

This interactive experience is often the first time many of these students are introduced to the world of art. Hands-on activities are included to give students the opportunity to experience the different elements available to create art. It shows them that there is more than one way to solve a problem. They will see that to accomplish a goal, there are numerous ways to complete the task.

By encouraging them to cultivate observation and communication techniques, the door is opened to allow children to solve any problem they face. When Mark Richards was CEO of Appvion Inc., he quickly became aware that every day brought new opportunities. His life in Appleton created a passion for best practices of board governance.

Mark soon came to realize that open and honest communication was the only way to achieve true accountability. His passion led him to understand that this skill set has to be learned at the earliest stages of development. You have to instill the ability to openly communicate and engage in productive conversations early on in life.

Engaging children through the introduction of art appreciation creates an immediate result. Engaging their visual senses opens children up to be receptive to other forms of communication. Observation and open discussion expand one’s consciousness, allowing for one to be more receptive to the opinions and advice of others. Mark’s partnership with the “Virtual Museum on The Move” at NSU Art Museum seeks to promote this open mindedness in children across South Florida.

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