Mark Robert Richards

Never Quit, Never Fail

Work Hard

It's a matter of pride. Commit yourself. Focus. Don't be afraid to fail or show effort. Hard work pays off.

Think BIg

Leave incrementalism for others. Be bolder. Push yourself beyond what is comfortable. Think big thoughts and you'll exceed your expectations.

Live Life

Tomorrow? I don't think so. Find something special in every day. Be present and live life.

Meet Mark Robert Richards

My name is Mark Robert Richards. I believe we are all put here to make a difference. As the founder of Meade Street Advisors, LLC, my goal is to leverage my 30+ years of global business expertise to help you build a successful organization, manage change, and get the very best out of you and your people. I lead a very active lifestyle. I’m a nationally-ranked competitive swimmer, avid cyclist, skilled powerlifter and gladly pursue most outdoor activities that bring me closer to nature. My approach to diet and health is an enabler for my active lifestyle. Philanthropy grounds me. It connects me to people. It invests me in the community. Supporting the arts and adolescent behavioral health are my chosen philanthropic areas. I enjoy researching out of the way, oftentimes hard to reach, destinations for travel. It creates uncertainty because you have less control despite detailed planning. It is invigorating and rewarding. It reinforces what is possible when you put your mind to it.

What inspires me...



Our lifestyle should allow for escape...



Art stimulates our senses, encourages us to think big...



Live life. Find places where you get excited to see around the next corner..